About Me

My name is Mario Brash and I am a versatile Freelance writer who enjoys writing about gaming, entertainment, history, and fiction.

Since I am dedicated to my craft, I do my utmost to make every piece I write impeccable. I am research-oriented and naturally driven to do my best. The only thing that can block me is time constraints. Even then, I remain dedicated.

Over time, I’ve learned about the need to enrapture readers. These days, even writers who deliver the best content have trouble garnering attention. Attention parts the waves between artist and success story, something dearly won.

Anyone who hires me has won my attention and can expect nothing less than a genuine effort to bring about their success. As a prolific writer with an honest attention to detail, I work to deliver pieces that flatter clients and get results.

As stated, I’m a versatile writer, and if you want to talk games, arts, entertainment, social media, and so on, there is a lot we can accomplish.

If you’re interested in working together, simply visit my hire me page to decide which of my services is right for you.