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Blog Post Writing

If you have ideas you need put into words for your website, I can write your blog posts. Perhaps you need new ideas to catch your reader’s attention. Hire me. My cost varies for the amount of input. But 10 cents is my price per word (negotiable). Additionally, forming posts from your idea costs less than if I formed the idea myself. Everything lies at your discretion.

Consistently blogging helps any website and business stay relevant in the online sphere. However, it’s not only about supplying content but catering to your readers. You build up your audience; they return to the topics relevant to them. You can learn more about the importance of blogging in this article by The Huffington Post.

For many, blogging is also about sharing passions. If you have trouble expression a passion or need material to entice audiences (e.g. “several reasons why X”), I’m sure I can help.


Whether you are a purveyor of news, lists, or soliciting a product/service, I can deliver content to meet your specific goals. Being research-oriented, I am not daunted by the prospect of learning a new market, concepts, and so forth.

Websites need their ‘call to action.’ Simply inform me of the subject matter, the audience, your purpose, and I shall construct articles and/or technical pieces to that end.

I can even utilize WordPress and deliver SEO optimized content, should the need arise.

P.S. I don’t plagiarize

Creative Collaboration

I never lost my love for fiction. Gaming, writing, reading, and coffee have defined my life, and I wholeheartedly welcome clients who need assistance in the practice of storytelling. That includes comic artists, game designers, novel writers, and so forth.

Basically, I can put any concept into writing, develop narratives via outline or summary, create compelling dialogue and assist in the character building and/or world building; these are often the keys to great stories.  Moreover, I can adapt to various formats.

Need me to create context within very small confines? be it a game level, a comic strip, or something of the like? Are you stumped because you simply need a story arc in one branch of your creative project but have no idea how to go about filling in the narrative blanks? I’m here for you.

The best thing about fiction, too, is that it interweaves through various mediums. In 2014’s issue of The Sky is Risinganalysts pointed out the fact that revenue for video games, film, and e-books are on the rise. And these are examples of mediums that can be intertwined through fiction originating in comics and elsewhere. I mean, just look at Game of Thrones.