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Dance Between Devils Chapter 3 / Strider Series

Dance Between Devils 3.1 – Sencis

Illustration by Djamila Knopf Here I stand over the remains of my caretakers, my guardians, my beloved… Underneath this earth, she lies in death and decay, leaving me here with this life of mine because I could not stop time. But I remember, at the very least, how precious it is: the clouds watching over […]

Dance Between Devils Chapter 2 / Strider Series

Dance Between Devils 2.1 – Terrible Wanderer

Illustration by Djamila Knopf To be alive in the guise of eternal night, where nothing is certain and life is the risk. Where we can fear the unknown or embrace it. That is far more preferable than the natural bindings brought of blood. Fixed destiny, I am dubious of the notion— for it seems the […]